3 Mar. 2009

I'm officially in love

with Handsewing...

So in love that tonight I handsewed an extension for DD's size 1 pj.
This was DD's only pj, before yesterday when I bought her second. This was a gift from DD's cousin. DD has a big tummy so it always seems short. I've been wanting to do something about it or throw it out. But as a sewer, I have the common problem with throwing out any thing fabric. So since I'm so in love with handsewing I handsewed a piece of flannelette on it as an extension and expect it to last another year.

Surprisingly, after two projects, I feel handsewing doesn't seem to take noticeable longer time than machine sewing. I'm glad the NS50's problem gave me a chance to experience handsewing as well as taking it up again.

Handsewing was taught by my mother and grandma too, when I was very young.

I guess I need a decent pin cushion now since I expect to be handsewing a lot on the train in the future.

I now use my flower bag as my sewing bag and it's just big enough to hold everything in place: a small project, a needle, a couple threads, some pins, scissors.

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