11 Mar. 2009

I'm trying to make myself happy

I've just had a very very bad day. I've been feeling sick for several weeks and today I was very unhappy at work and I came home to find our garage door left open, for the second time this week, and it's only Wednesday today.

I just can't open my mouth and smile any more.

One thing that can make me feel better is to see what I've finally finished today: DD's first handmade pj top.

I've been working on it for probably over a week. I cut it out with the pants but I couldn't do it because my sewing machine was off for repair. So I decided to try hand sew it.

I use my time on the train to work to hand sew it. Sometimes I don't get a seat on the train so I can't sew. But most of the time I can.

As mentioned before this flannel is super soft. DD will feel super comfy in it.

I don't have a pj pattern so I used this one instead.

Below are more pics of it in details:

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