31 Mar. 2009

Silhouette applique

I was running out my 'train projects'. So I was searching internet for appliques and embroidery projects that I thought I could do on the train. I found some animal appliques that were free to download. I printed them. Then I saw some Sunbonnet Sue projects that I thought quite cute but they're not free.

Then, the Sunbonnet Sue pictures reminded me of DD wearing her sunhats. Isn't she the same cute as Sue?
So I printed these photo out and cut her out
And used them as pattern to cut out fabric scraps and
Appliqued them on DD's plain Tshirts.

Isn't it wonderful when you get free patterns sooooo easy, unique, and personalized?


Kelly Jackson said...

I just love your picture applique. I think I will use this idea to do an art quilt of my boys. Thanks for inspiring me :)

allawah said...

Wow~Kelly, I'm so happy that I have inspired someone! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments!


amylockyemily said...

WOW that is awesome!!!

Brenda said...

Really enjoy your work. You are so talented.

Rowena said...

Thanks for the comments Brenda and amylockyemily. I'm so flattered. *~v~*...

Crystal m said...

I saw this post and all I could say is HOW COOL IS THAT! That's such a creative idea!

meg said...

Love it!...did you hand applique...i guess that is safer than machine so you are accurate...i am trying to decide between machine and hand for a larger project. sometimes my machine tears material...but i have alot to applique...any advice?

Rowena said...

Thanks Meg and Crystal. Meg I hand appliqued. I used machine applique on a few projects and I think it maybe better on easy shapes but not on complicated shapes such as silhouette appliques. See this one: http://sewlovesew.blogspot.com/2009/06/applique-mend.html I used machine but it was ugly. I know you won't see much from the photo but if you look closely, the stitches ARE ugly, because the machine doesn't do well on corners. So I agree with you hand applique is more accurate.

Christy Roseveare said...

I was wondering if you have any suggestions regarding learning to hand applique. I learned to piece a quilt from my grandmother, but she had not gotten around to teaching me applique before she passed. I would love to take this idea and work it into a class auction project.

Rowena said...

Hi Christy

I'm really not an expert in applique. I did use blanket stitches to hand applique, but I believe there're much better ways to do it. If you want to learn hand blanket stitch, probably this video will be helpful: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJht13Bcw-U. Although it's not exactly the same way as I do it, the effect looks the same.

The advantage of using blanket stitch is it 'kind of' prevents raveling. I learned this technique when very young to sew button holes. Very close blanket stitches make very neat button holes.

If I want to do a very good applique, I would use something like heat-n-bond to attach the applique properly and use satin (very narrow zigzag) stitch like this one: http://sewlovesew.blogspot.com/2009/06/applique-mend.html I think this gives a much neater look.

It seems that there're quite a few applique techniques here: http://www.hsc.csu.edu.au/textiles_design/design/3372/appl_meth.htm#a6

Hope this helps.