17 Mar. 2009

Nappy bag plan

I know DD's 2 now and she's not really in nappies all the time any more but I find when we go out we still need to pack at least a dozen different items. So I'll see if I can make a nappy bag before it's too late...

Nappy bag plan:

PF, outer body, inner body each: 41.5x57x2P or 81x57x1P totalling 6P or 3P
Pockets inner, outer each: 42x57x2P totalling 4P
Strap - cotton: 64x12x1P
Strap - PF: 64x3x1P

Grand total 12P or 9P.

(P=piece, PF=Polar Fleece)

Things that'll need to go into the nappy bag:

1. pull-ups
2. undies
3. cloth wipes
4. tissues
5. water
6. fruits
7. biscuits
8. nuts
9. bibs
10. sun hat
11. clothes
12. baby wipes
13. my stuff like mobile, wallet and camera

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