28 Mar. 2009

Old pants new door stops

I made a few door stops before but obviously we've got more doors than door stops so I've been seeing the need of making more of them.

Last night I got a few minutes at hand so I pulled out a few scraps and started working on more door stops.

The scraps are from my old pants. I made DD a pair of pants from my old pants and have a few pieces of scraps left which I couldn't part with. Now I can put them into very good use.

I tried to write my tutorial but found my English is not good enough to describe such detailed steps. And I can't remember from which blog I learned this tutorial and I've tried but can't find it. But I've seen this post which described exactly what I did. The only difference is my size is smaller (coz I use scraps!) but I'm happy with my size. I cut out about 24x24x24 triangles to make the door stops. The old door stops are about this size and they work just fine so I thought why waste more fabric if they can work in less? Haha.

I made another one from another scrap:
After making these door stops I've realized how much I have progressed in sewing. I remember this was one of my beginning projects when I started sewing in 2007. Unfortunately I didn't have a blog to record my projects back then. Now it's a really eazy pizzy project for me and it really costs almost nothing.


Melissa E. said...
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JesseM said...

These are looking good. I've just bought door stops for my every room from Ballard Designs. They are really helpful accessories in your house.