28 Mar. 2009

Pyramid door stop tutorial

As I said I couldn't find the tutorial I learnt it from and I really wanted to share this great project, so I went and made another one so I can take photos for a tutorial. As I don't know how to describe in detail, I'll let the photos tell:

Scrap from my old pants:
Draw a triangle with equal sides. For this scrap I drew a 26x26x26:
Cut out the triangle and also cut a piece of ribbon:
Pin the ribbon on, triangle right sides together. The ribbon has to be this angle coz it needs to go upwards:
Sew this side off:
Sew another side off, becareful not to catch the ribbon again:
Sew the third side off with a small opening, be careful not to catch the ribbon:
Turn right side out and put rice in through the opening:
Hand sew the opening off using blind stitch:
Here we go....


Laura said...

Thanks for the awesome instructions! This was exactly what I was looking for to fix a door that keeps closing by itself :)

Rowena said...

Great to know this tutorial is helpful! Thanks for leaving your comments.

Megan said...

This is a great tutorial! I was wondering if you could tell me what the finished dimensions of the doorstop are?

Rowena said...

Hi Megan,

Thanks for your comments. The finished dimensions should be around 24cm each side as I usually leave about 1cm seam allowance.

I still use these door stops and my friends also still use them (I give out a lot as gifts). They're wonderful on carpet rooms. You might want to make bigger ones for timber floors as they seem to slide easier on smooth surfaces.

I also use some as weights when cutting fabrics under my patterns.

Hope this helps.


Megan said...

Hi Rowena,

Thanks for your help! I am actually thinking of modifying this tutorial and scaling it down to make my own pyramid tea bags! We'll see how it goes...

Rowena said...

No worries Megan. I've never thought of making my own tea bags. I'll be very interested to see how you go. Good luck!