26 Mar. 2009

Two Tshirt dresses made

I hope I'm normal in getting obsessed with a new technique of sewing all the time, because now I seem to be addicted to modifying DD dresses.

Summer is late this year and it seems Autumn will be the same so today I heard it'll be 30 degrees. Had a look at the forecast I learned this weekend is gonna be another warm summery one so yahoooo I have the excuse to make more dresses for DD!

So I pulled out this dress which was a gift form DD's auntie, which hasn't even been worn but is already too small:
And picked out this Tshirt, which I have no idea where from, but I think it matches the dress better than other Tshirts, and the best thing is: it's too small too:
And I came up with this:
Then I couldn't bear to part with the scrap from the former dress so I took off the little bow and handsewed it on:
Then here's another dress from the same auntie but....we have no idea how to dress it on DD (do you?) so I decided to modify it too:
So I searched through DD's Tshirt stash and found this one (well not exactly a Tshirt) which I think matches well:
And came up with this:
Update 090328: DD wearing one of them today:

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