29 Apr. 2009

freecycled flannel and pf

From Vesna at Bexley. She's so generous.

26 Apr. 2009

3 Ts

I've been working on some stuff for sale at DD's kindy's charity party in early may. So I haven't got any finished projects (actually I have finished a few items for the charity party but I don't want to blog about them until I finish all of them before the Wednesday after next week) to blog about recently until I made these three tops for DD today.

I cut them out quite a few weeks ago because I believed she needs more long sleeve Ts for winter. But I hate the pattern instructions so I didn't want to finish them until today I felt the cut fabrics had been sitting there for too long and I had to finish them.

So here's the pic:
And the red one is refashioned from my old T.

Yeah I know I made them extra large. That's because I want to get 2-3 years out of them...

BTW I saw some Ts on clearance at BigW for $1 and it was very difficult for me not to buy them. I thought I might refashion them but I kept telling myself I've got a whole wardrobe of fabrics and clothes to use and refashion....

19 Apr. 2009

Crazy Headband

I made this headband for DD for her 'Crazy Hair Day' at kindy next week. DD hasn't got much hair. Most people who see her or her photo would say she's a boy. So I can't think of anything I can do with her hair to make it 'crazy'. Plus I hate chemicals so I don't want to do gel/colours. So I only came up with this.

I'm thinking of sewing on some ribbons to make 'fake hair' too. But I haven't made up my mind yet...

The yo-yo was sewn on before it was made a yo-yo. And the rest decorations were appliqued on using blanket stitch.

The cut was 4.5"x15" for main body and 1.75"x11" for elastic cover, 9cm elastic. If I'm gonna make another one, I would shorten the elastic cover....

Updated 090423:
Yeah I finally decided to add the ribbons, and a lace, on the morning of the Crazy Hair Day. DH said DD wouldn't put it on in the morning (which is quite within my expectation coz DD never likes people touching any part of her head). But the communication book from kindy said DD enjoyed wearing it. DH said when other kids were participating CHD, DD followed them and wore the headband (which is still witin my expectation coz I know how other kids would influence her - I'm amazed at how easy she learns things from other kids, not from us!).

14 Apr. 2009

New chair feet cover

I've made some before but they're not working as well as I expected. They're short and always come off. And they're getting dirty. So I made a new version yesterday morning when I got a bit of time. I hope they're working better. I've only made four for one chair to see how they go. If they work well I'll make more when I have time.

I've taken photos for a tute but will do one when I have time.

12 Apr. 2009

Burp cloth

This is my first burp cloth made. It's for DH's colleague's newborn son. It's to go with this bib.

I printed the free pattern off loooong time ago and forgot here I got it. I've googled but haven't found it. I'll come back to update to give the credit where it should be.

It's flannel+polar fleece+flannel.

When I was googling I found this burp cloth tutorial which I want to try out when I have time....
(45x(20-24) raggy fray edges)

11 Apr. 2009

Kimono pj top

I saw this tute and thought it's an easy project as well as a good one for DD so I've been longing to try it out.

Thanks to Easter holiday I finally got some time this morning to give it a go. As I had special needs, such as wanting it to be big and wide and looooong sleeve so it could serve as a blanket when DD sleeps in it, I modified the pattern, again. I know....I never follow the procedures....And again, I learned my lesson.....

I used size 3 although DD's only 2 yo, because the size 2 pj I bought her was too small.

Then I modified the measurements so it can be looooong sleeve (so I can choose to cover her hands with the sleeves) and wide. I didn't modify the length because I believe the original measurements were long enough.

I tried it on DD before she went to bed and it WAS too big. But it was what I wanted anyway. It's just.....too big.

BTW I wonder why this top got a Japanese name. My mom made DD exactly the same top before DD was born and DD wore it when she was taking the 100-day photos. (One of our Chinese traditions is to celebrate when the baby's 30 days old and then 100 days old.) My mom surely won't know any Japanese patterns coz she's very traditional Chinese. And I remember my grandma wearing similar thing when she was alive. So I believe this is a Chinese traditional top, not a Japanese one.

10 Apr. 2009

Mended a few things

I love holidays. It's when I have time to do lots of things that I don't have time to do in normal weeks. Today is the first holiDAY of this four-day Easter holiday and I've already accomplished lots of things. Of course I stayed at home whole day to finish as many projects as possible.

Another reason I finished so many things today is because.....sewing is always my therapy. My DH didn't give the Easter hat I made for DD to kindy so DD didn't have a hat to go with the kindy's Easter Hat Parade. I put the hat in DD's kindy bag and DH saw it there but he was just kind enough not to tell kindy it was there. So kindy had to make a hat for DD so she could join the parade, when the hat I made was sitting in the bag whole day in the kindy.

I decided not to speak to DH for 24 hours (even not to eat but I gave up at 23hours coz I was too hungry and didn't want to punish myself). So I kept sewing and sewing like crazy and once I've accomplished enough things to make me feel good, I feel I'm almost back to normal.

Anyway back to the subject. I was cleaning DD's wardrobe again and found a few things to mend so there'll be more clothes for DD to wear again. First, the pj I bought recently for her, again, was too small. It says size 2 but I guess I should have gone size 3. But what can I do.
The sleeves and pants are a little bit short so I added some flannel scraps. I know it looks ugly but it's pj so I only need it to be functional.
The second one: the applique I did last winter was going so I mended a few parts:
If you click on the photo you'll see the details.

Third one: there're two of these front opening tops which are good for sleep as well but the button holes are so loose that the buttons can hardly stay buttoned. I'm too lazy to modify the button holes so I just sewed the front closed with buttons buttoned, leaving the top part a bit open so DD can put her head in.


Wednesday afternoon on my way home I saw a girl wearing a headband/headscarf like this and thought it's soooo cool so I had a google and saw this tutorial which I thought was quite good. So I had a go tonight and made my first headband. It's perfect. I haven't tried the wide version though coz I wanted to use scraps to try first....

I used the following cuts:
4.5"x16" for main band
1.75"x12" for elastic band
1.3cmx11cm elastic

Pants made for new season

I think this is it. Summer is gone. So I was sorting DD's wardrobe the other day to put away her summer clothing and dig out her autumn and winter clothes. I found she would need more tops and pants.

So after I got up this morning I worked in the sewing room for a few hours and accomplished these using this pattern:

9 Apr. 2009

More scrunchies

(Sorry...just realized I forgot to enter a title of this post....)

As you can see this is my new obsession.

And of course I modified the process/instructions. I have to. It’s just my habit of not following procedures and trying to create my own versions of everything. I think it’s more fun to create my own ways of doing things, out of inspirations from other people. I’m not creative, but I’m modify-tive. Haha~

Anyway instead of using the original instructions, which I have to say very clever, I hand sewed these new scrunchies, because I only had time to sew on the train, since I’ve been very busy at work recently and feeling exhausted at night and go to sleep at 8:30pm…

Since I’m hand sewing them, there’s a new way to play around. Basically, I sew a tube, then turn right side out, connect the ends of the tube using blind stitch so it makes a ring, leaving a small opening and thread the elastic into the ring tube using a safety pin, knot the ends of the elastic and close the opening with blind stitch.

Yeah I knot the ends of the elastic instead of sew the ends together. The first reason was because I found out the elastics I cut out were too long (bad memory coz I memorized the right size of the fabric but forgot the right length of the elastic), as you can see in the dark red’ish one which doesn’t look so….scruntchie... Then I thought ok I knot you and it’ll take some length away. Then I though oh this is a good idea coz I don’t have to spend time sewing the ends together. So I kept doing it….

Sorry no tutes coz I can’t take photos on the train…it would be really weird to do so…

5 Apr. 2009

Lessons lessons...Scrunchy

I subscribed to this site's enews some time ago and always get good advice and ideas on sewing.

Today I got this Scrunchy Pattern and thought my hair is long enough to deserve some new scrunchies, so I couldn't wait to give it a try.

As usual, I questioned the instructions, although it says 'Please read the entire pattern carefully all the way through before beginning.' I thought I could find some shortcuts and do it a lot easier in my way. (When can I grow up!)

I failed miserably. I didn't realize if I sew a ring tube and turn it right side out it's not a ring any more.

So I had to unpick the stitches and open the ring to restart again. It turned out I really HAVE to follow EVERY step of the instructions.

Lessons lessons.....lucky it was a scrap fabric....

The other refashion

As there're too many photos I decided to put these two refashions I did today in separate posts.

This is the final result of the second refashion:I used the ruffle from this skirt which was given by DD's grandma, and for the same reason DD never got to wear it:
And this is the remaining of the project:
See, the skirt is still a skirt! And there's still half of the ruffle remaining for future projects.


After a whole week's rain, the temperature has dropped and it's time to dig out the winter clothes. These two pairs of pants (or some other name in English?) are among those from DD's auntie in China. Aren't they cute.They're brand new, BUT they're already too small!

So I was thinking about refashioning them. After some measurements I believed it was a 'do-able' job. So I picked out this skirt, which DD never got to wear because we never got the right weather for her to wear it:
And after about 2 hours, I got this:I was just planning to cut the pants and do an extension of the hip area but as you can see how bad a sewer I am:
I decided to do some patches to mend the weak seams, hence the pockets back on the pants and the tabs from the skirt too.

This is the remaining of the original pants and skirt:
I just tried the refashioned pants on DD. This pair is wayyyyy too big, and the patches make the pants look so........patchy. DH strongly disliked them. And I thought maybe I got some more work to do, or maybe wait till DD grows bigger.....

2 Apr. 2009

Fourth silhouette applique

I'll have to admit my very limited English vocabulary and culture knowledge. I just learned this 'silhouette' from my co-forumer (thanks AJ!) at my favourite baby forum so I decided to use the correct term for this 'technique'.

Ok I admit I'm obsessed with this new invention. But I promise there won't be any more in the near future coz I'm running out of DD's plain Tshirts to applique on. So hopefully this is the last one...

It's from this photoAnd as you might be able to tell, the applique was cut off the scraps from making the dress she was wearing.

1 Apr. 2009

Another DD's silhouette applique

Here's another one I did today:It's using the scrap from the pants I recycled to make this pair of pants for DD, and these door stops.

More related photos:

Some tips I've found recently:

Some tips I've found recently:

1. When appliquéing using blanket stitch on T-shirts, it's good to pick the fabric a bit outside of the border of the appliqué so the T-shirt doesn't look so wrinkly after it's done.

2. It's good to alternate different projects instead of working on the same project continuously for a long time, so you're not hurting the same part of your body, eg. finger or back etc.