5 Apr. 2009

Lessons lessons...Scrunchy

I subscribed to this site's enews some time ago and always get good advice and ideas on sewing.

Today I got this Scrunchy Pattern and thought my hair is long enough to deserve some new scrunchies, so I couldn't wait to give it a try.

As usual, I questioned the instructions, although it says 'Please read the entire pattern carefully all the way through before beginning.' I thought I could find some shortcuts and do it a lot easier in my way. (When can I grow up!)

I failed miserably. I didn't realize if I sew a ring tube and turn it right side out it's not a ring any more.

So I had to unpick the stitches and open the ring to restart again. It turned out I really HAVE to follow EVERY step of the instructions.

Lessons lessons.....lucky it was a scrap fabric....

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