30 May 2009

Polar fleece pants made

This is a good photo, because it's got the crazy hairband on DD AND DD's
ONLY polar fleece pants for winter.

Yeah now that it's officially winter, I just realized DD only got one pair
of very thick polar fleece pants for this winter. She used to have many but
I found out most of them are too small now, and the only other long pair was
given away to my friend V's daughter who's 13 months older than DD.

This pair of pants is made of two layers, one flannelette and the other
polar fleece. So it's EXTRA warm.

With the temperature being so low in the house recently she definitely needs
at least another pair. And no don't expect I can get stuff as thick as I can
make. So tonight after dinnering out with our friends and coming back home,
I sewed up a pair using the double sided polar fleece remnant that I
freecycled from someone else.

This is the fabric lay out. It was barely enough to make a pair of pants for
DD. But I managed it:

This is the pants made:

This is made from Knitwit pattern 4200.

28 May 2009

Craft bag bought

I had a day off today. And as normal, I was busier and ended up more tired than working.

But I accomplished a lot of things, such as a reversible shoulder bag, some thrifty, and a bargain craft bag at Spotty, and about 50kgs of food bought.

The thrifty is in the wash now and I haven't taken any pictures. It's not about sewing but still something I was excited about. I bought DD some clothes for $1-2 each, 6 items totaling $8, from Vinnies.

Then I went to Spotty to see if I can get some bargains on fabrics (although I know I still have a full wardrobe of fabrics to use). But they've raised the prices on the clearance table so everything was $4/m and above. I was disappointed. But I saw this craft bag which I think will be perfect for my snaps and other notions.

I've always been wanting some plastic containers to put my snaps in. I have different colours of snaps and I put them all in an icecream box. It's not a good idea because every time I need snaps I have to go through the whole box. It's time consuming and messy. So when I saw this craft bag and the FIVE plastic sorter boxes in it, I couldn't move on. I wandered in Spotty for at least 1/2 hour and finally decided I wanted to buy it. For $20 I think it's worth it.

Now all my snaps and buttons are sorted out. :)

Reversable shoulder bag

I planned this shoulder bag after sewing so many 'unperfect' bags since last year. And I think I'm quite happy with this one! It's almost perfect. I mean the construction/basic design: the size, the pockets, the straps, the polar fleece filling etc. So in the future if I want to make more I'll base on this one and change fabrics, add embellishments, etc.

Sometimes I think it might be easier to just go to the shops and buy a bag. But I guess I might not be able to find one that matches my 'desire' perfectly. I mean the pockets. Have you seen any bag with 6 pockets in it and another 6 outside?? I NEED pockets.

It took me 4 hours this morning, 8:10 am to 12:10 pm to be exact, to finish it. I was exhausted. I'm never brave enough to make such a bag when DD's at home. It just takes a lot of concentration, thinking, and of course too much time. It was time consuming to cut and iron. The sewing part was comparatively not so time consuming...

But I like it. That's the important part. I wouldn't want to spend 4 hours to get something I don't like. And I think I'm gonna do some embellishments on it in the future.

Fabrics cut out. The polar fleece at top is cut from a baby blanket I freecycled from someone. The small flower fabric at the bottom was bought from a charity fabric market in 2007.

I used sticky tape to mark the lines for pockets. It’s a wonderful tool!

25 May 2009

Work shoulder bag with pockets- planing

Size: W25 x D10 x H35 + straps W2 x L60 + pockets outer and inner H15


Outer fabric, inner fabric and polar fleece filling:
Choice 1: W37 x H82: ((25+10+2) x (35+35+10+2)) or
Choice 2: W37 x H42 x 2P: ((25+10+2) x (35+5+2) x 2p) or
Choice 3: W72 x H42: ((25+25+10+10+2) x (35+5+2))


Choice 1: outer fabric: W8 x L64 x 2P: (2x4 x 64 x 2P) or
Choice 2: inner and outer fabric: W4 x L64 x 2P: ((2+1+1) x 64 x 2P)
+ Polar fleece filling: W2 x L64 x 2P


Outer fabric and inner fabric:
To match Body choice 1 and 2: W37 x H32 x 2P: ((25+10+2) x (15x2+2)) x 2P or
To match Body choice 3: W72 x H32: ((25+25+10+10+2) x (15x2+2))

Can add strings at the opening to prevent the opening from being too big.

24 May 2009

Fabric Bowl

I saw this tutorial and couldn't wait to give it a go.

I used a flowery decorative stitch at the bottom of the bowl to cover up the marking when I was trying to mark out the 8 parts of the bowl.

I'm planning to give it as a gift.

23 May 2009

pressy for friend's housewarming - and a quick tute

Our friends have recently bought a new home and just moved in this month. I expect them to hold a housewarming party in the near future so I prepared a housewarming gift for them. I've been thinking about it for some time so today I just put my thoughts into action.

I drew a picture of a little house:

Transferred it to a piece of calico (sorry for the wrinkly calico. it's the result of being in the dryer for an hour....and i did try to iron it...for half a dozen times....):

And I made sure it fits a big embroidery ring that I already have:

Then I used a small zigzag to sew over the drawing. This is the final result:

Doesn't it look nice on the wall?

camera case made

My old 'trial' camera case has been terribly dirty. And making a new one has
been on my to-do list for months and months. Today I finally made it. I was
trying to made one from a pair of old socks and thought it was gross. So I
decided to use this scrap cut from a sleeve of my top which was used to make
DD's top
. It's just the right size.

Then I cut another piece of knit fabric from scraps and make the liner. I
also cut a small piece from the same knit scrap to make a small pocket for
the backup battery and memory stick.

Here's the finished camera case.

22 May 2009

Modified work pants

I bought these two pairs of pants from Vinnies, the gray one long time ago, and the chocolate one recently. They're great for work except that they're way too long. I couldn't wear them. So this week I spent some time and cut the hems and made new hems using my NS50's blind hemming stitch and they're perfect now!

As you can tell it took me a few attempts to make the machine catch the fabrics. I guess next time I'll just do it by hand. It'll take a lot less time and stress!

17 May 2009


This is a project that's been sitting in the UFO box for a long long time. Some tops that're not long enough needed an extension.
I finally finished them this morning.


15 May 2009

Twin drafty stopper tute


I love this idea! I'll try to make one or two for my house!

14 May 2009


pretty bottle cap pin cushions: http://www.craftstylish.com/item/945/how-to-make-pretty-pincushions
make a rice sock as heat pads or door stops! http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Rice-Sock
how to recycle your socks: http://www.wikihow.com/Recycle-Your-Socks
other ways to recycle clothes: http://www.wikihow.com/Category:Fabric-and-Clothing-Reuse
make recycled newspaper shoes http://www.wikihow.com/Make-Recycled-Newspaper-Shoes

Spotty sale!

I don't know if I'll go. It all depends on if I'll have time or excuse. I'm running out of knits so it might be the only reason I 'need' to go there....

13 May 2009

4 thermo pants made

I don't really know what 'thermo' means. Does it mean 'underpants' or
'really warm pants'? Anyway I made them mainly for DD to wear under her
normal pants to keep her warm in winter. They're just normal knit fabric
(which I'm running out of so you'll probably see me buying new knits soon!).

When I was half way through cutting the fabric I realized I cut the wrong
way. I don't know how to explain it but I cut it 'cross grain' instead of
'follow the grain' iykwim. So two pairs were 'cross grain' and the other two
were 'follow the grain'. I hope it doesn't matter too much in terms of fit.
I know it'll be weird because the stretch will be weird on those 'cross
grain' pairs....

I used the pattern I designed for homewearing pants.

Thrifty-ed books/patterns/magazines

I went to Vinnies to buy some winter clothes for myself as I really haven't
got time to get into sewing clothes for myself. And I went through their
crafty stuff and I got these as well.

I haven't decided what to do with them as I really don't have much time to
try all the patterns. But for 50c each how could I resist buying them? I
guess I'll try to read them on the train and see if I can learn anything.
And maybe in the future when I have more time I'll gradually start trying
out the patterns. I guess now I need a big drawer to put in all my vintage
collections as the small bottom drawer in my sewing closet is already full
of vintage/modern patterns.