13 May 2009

4 thermo pants made

I don't really know what 'thermo' means. Does it mean 'underpants' or
'really warm pants'? Anyway I made them mainly for DD to wear under her
normal pants to keep her warm in winter. They're just normal knit fabric
(which I'm running out of so you'll probably see me buying new knits soon!).

When I was half way through cutting the fabric I realized I cut the wrong
way. I don't know how to explain it but I cut it 'cross grain' instead of
'follow the grain' iykwim. So two pairs were 'cross grain' and the other two
were 'follow the grain'. I hope it doesn't matter too much in terms of fit.
I know it'll be weird because the stretch will be weird on those 'cross
grain' pairs....

I used the pattern I designed for homewearing pants.

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