28 May 2009

Craft bag bought

I had a day off today. And as normal, I was busier and ended up more tired than working.

But I accomplished a lot of things, such as a reversible shoulder bag, some thrifty, and a bargain craft bag at Spotty, and about 50kgs of food bought.

The thrifty is in the wash now and I haven't taken any pictures. It's not about sewing but still something I was excited about. I bought DD some clothes for $1-2 each, 6 items totaling $8, from Vinnies.

Then I went to Spotty to see if I can get some bargains on fabrics (although I know I still have a full wardrobe of fabrics to use). But they've raised the prices on the clearance table so everything was $4/m and above. I was disappointed. But I saw this craft bag which I think will be perfect for my snaps and other notions.

I've always been wanting some plastic containers to put my snaps in. I have different colours of snaps and I put them all in an icecream box. It's not a good idea because every time I need snaps I have to go through the whole box. It's time consuming and messy. So when I saw this craft bag and the FIVE plastic sorter boxes in it, I couldn't move on. I wandered in Spotty for at least 1/2 hour and finally decided I wanted to buy it. For $20 I think it's worth it.

Now all my snaps and buttons are sorted out. :)

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