13 May 2009

Pants elastic mended

As you can probably tell now I had a day off today. I've done so much during
the day that I'm exhausted now. But I really accomplished a lot of overdued

This pair of pants was one of the 'cheapy' pants bought by DD's auntie in
China. If converted into Aussie dollars, I guess they cost around $3-4 each
pair. That's probably why there're so many mending jobs to do.

This pair got the elastic dead after only one wash. DH was saying 'see DD's
bottom is out of her pants' and I realized that he put this dead pair of
pants on her. I had to unpick the threads and took out the dead elastic and
did a new elastic. You probably can't tell much between the 'before' and
'after' but it should be working now.

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