30 May 2009

Polar fleece pants made

This is a good photo, because it's got the crazy hairband on DD AND DD's
ONLY polar fleece pants for winter.

Yeah now that it's officially winter, I just realized DD only got one pair
of very thick polar fleece pants for this winter. She used to have many but
I found out most of them are too small now, and the only other long pair was
given away to my friend V's daughter who's 13 months older than DD.

This pair of pants is made of two layers, one flannelette and the other
polar fleece. So it's EXTRA warm.

With the temperature being so low in the house recently she definitely needs
at least another pair. And no don't expect I can get stuff as thick as I can
make. So tonight after dinnering out with our friends and coming back home,
I sewed up a pair using the double sided polar fleece remnant that I
freecycled from someone else.

This is the fabric lay out. It was barely enough to make a pair of pants for
DD. But I managed it:

This is the pants made:

This is made from Knitwit pattern 4200.

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