28 May 2009

Reversable shoulder bag

I planned this shoulder bag after sewing so many 'unperfect' bags since last year. And I think I'm quite happy with this one! It's almost perfect. I mean the construction/basic design: the size, the pockets, the straps, the polar fleece filling etc. So in the future if I want to make more I'll base on this one and change fabrics, add embellishments, etc.

Sometimes I think it might be easier to just go to the shops and buy a bag. But I guess I might not be able to find one that matches my 'desire' perfectly. I mean the pockets. Have you seen any bag with 6 pockets in it and another 6 outside?? I NEED pockets.

It took me 4 hours this morning, 8:10 am to 12:10 pm to be exact, to finish it. I was exhausted. I'm never brave enough to make such a bag when DD's at home. It just takes a lot of concentration, thinking, and of course too much time. It was time consuming to cut and iron. The sewing part was comparatively not so time consuming...

But I like it. That's the important part. I wouldn't want to spend 4 hours to get something I don't like. And I think I'm gonna do some embellishments on it in the future.

Fabrics cut out. The polar fleece at top is cut from a baby blanket I freecycled from someone. The small flower fabric at the bottom was bought from a charity fabric market in 2007.

I used sticky tape to mark the lines for pockets. It’s a wonderful tool!

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