4 May 2009

Stuff made for kindy to sell at their charity party

Stuff made for kindy to sell at their charity party this Wednesday (reason why not much updating of this blog during the last 2 weeks): 7 reversible bibs, 1 robbed by DD who insisted wearing it the whole Sunday morning and now with her mucus all over it I can’t donate it any more, hence missing from the photo. All100% hand sewn. The blue ones were made of fabrics I freecycled from a lady from Freecycle. I freecycled a lot of fabric/scraps/used blankets from the group and now I’ve got a lot of flannelette and polar fleece to play with. Yay~~~~
One of the has two different fabrics on two sides:
5 headbands, machine sewn from scraps (my machine refused to work while I was sewing the thick part of the last headband so I had to hand sew to finish it. I finally fixed the machine this morning and hopefully it'll start runing again).
2 scrunchies, handsewn from scraps.
2 pyramid door stops, machine sewn from scraps, filled with rice, my favourite filling.
All boxed up and ready to go to the kindy:

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