25 May 2009

Work shoulder bag with pockets- planing

Size: W25 x D10 x H35 + straps W2 x L60 + pockets outer and inner H15


Outer fabric, inner fabric and polar fleece filling:
Choice 1: W37 x H82: ((25+10+2) x (35+35+10+2)) or
Choice 2: W37 x H42 x 2P: ((25+10+2) x (35+5+2) x 2p) or
Choice 3: W72 x H42: ((25+25+10+10+2) x (35+5+2))


Choice 1: outer fabric: W8 x L64 x 2P: (2x4 x 64 x 2P) or
Choice 2: inner and outer fabric: W4 x L64 x 2P: ((2+1+1) x 64 x 2P)
+ Polar fleece filling: W2 x L64 x 2P


Outer fabric and inner fabric:
To match Body choice 1 and 2: W37 x H32 x 2P: ((25+10+2) x (15x2+2)) x 2P or
To match Body choice 3: W72 x H32: ((25+25+10+10+2) x (15x2+2))

Can add strings at the opening to prevent the opening from being too big.

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