30 Jun. 2009

New bedside table cover

Remember my first bedside table cover? I love it. It's shrinked a little bit so it doesn't fit very well any more. So I decided to use the upholstery fabric I freecycled last Thursday to make a table cover. And I was lucky enough to find a scrap to make it so I can still leave the biggest piece intact for my sofa cover project.

It looks better than I thought, although it took me almost 10 minuts to snap it on because the final product is too short.

This is what it looks like when it's off the table:

As you can see it's a very simple shape. I put snaps at each end so I snap it on the bedside table, just like the original one.

The finished size should be 127x39. There was some error in my calculation so it ended up as 124x39. So you can imagine how hard it was to snap it on. I was really struggling. My fingers still hurt now. But I'm happy I succeeded.

I normally make things too big. This time I wanted it to 'fit' and I got it too small.:(

Next time remember to cut at least 131x43.

UP - toddler house slippers - finished

I finished the other shoe on the train. I guess I just wanted to try out my ideas because I know it's not gonna work as well as normal slippers coz it's not designed to fit the contour of feet. Anyway DD was excited about it for about 10 seconds and she started taking them off. Another project failed...

29 Jun. 2009

toddler house slippers

It's winter. It's cold winter. We have floorboards in some areas of the house so it's freezing if we don't wear any house slippers. I've bought a lot of them but none for DD's size. So I decided to make some using scraps.

First I drew a pattern using DD's foot:

Cut it out:

Then found I forgot to include seam allowance. So I had to do this:

And cut another pattern. Remember this project? I used the scrap denim to make the bottom of the slippers:

And I used polar fleece scraps to make a sandwich layer and sides of the slippers:

Pinned the sides to the bottom

Sewd them together:

Sewd the polar fleece bottom onto the other piece of denim:

Then sewd them all together right sides together and leaving an opening:

to turn right side out:

I sewed a few stitches to secure the three layers at bottom:

Made a casing on the polar fleece side and threaded in elastic. Viola a baby house slipper!

I'm gonna handsew the other shoe tomorrow on the train.

A strange pair of pants

I didn't intend to make it strange but after making it I can't tell whether I like it or not...

Ok the story is: I have this pair of jeans that doesn't fit me so I decided to refashion it into a pair of pants for DD:

And I found this Dudou (a traditional Chinese 'tummy cover') for DD that she never got a chance to wear and it's too nice to chuck out:

And I was inspired by those 'Tshirt quilts' that people use outgrown kids Tshirts to make memorable quilts so I decided to use the Dudou to make embellishments such as on this pants project:

Yeah I know. I should have just cut out a strip but I went 'creative' and created this ugly thing. Never mind. I still have quite a bit leftover from the Dudou so I'll make sure next time I use it I make a better use.

28 Jun. 2009

New mail sorter!

I gave my original mail sorter to my friend and DH has been asking 'where's our mail sorter?' so I made this one yesterday morning:

The fabric is cut from some scraps from a BIG bag of upholstery fabrics that I freecycled from someone on Thursday:

There're like 15kgs of fabric in this bag. The original owner seemed to have tried to make a bed cover set but she gave up. So $500 worth of fabrics came to me.

I'm planning to use the big piece to make a sofa cover for our old sofa. The big piece is about 220cm x 220cm.

The other side: the pockets are made of the scraps from the same bag and the cream background fabric is from the scraps of the curtain fabric that I used to make this.

Some other photos from the process:

21 Jun. 2009

winter dress top and pants set - for wedding?

I finally made it. I always say this same thing whenever I've finished a project. I think it's really hard to find a balance between time and hobby. There's never enough time to sew. Sigh....

I planned to make it for an upcoming wedding we plan to attend in July. But now I don't think I like it enough....

I used this pattern:

I thought it's perfect for a dress pants set for attending a wedding. But after I finished my project I hesitated....I guess it's not nice enough for wedding. Maybe I'll try to add some embellishments like the pattern cover shows and see how it turns out.

Here's my first layout:

The pink fabric was freecycled from someone long time ago. It's 105cm wide, not wide enough to go with the layout shown on the pattern. So I used up the whole piece of fabric, totally maybe 2 metres long, as you can see from the following two photos:

Yeah the above two photos are different from the first layout, coz I realized that the collar needs two pieces which needs to be cut on fold. If I use the first layout there's no way I can cut the second piece on fold because there won't be any fabric left on fold.

Here's what was left from the cutting. I got just enough fabric to cut! Phew!

Here's the pair of bell pants:

This is the dress top:

It's the first time I sew a zipper, and without a zipper foot:

After sewing a whole morning plus lunch time, I decided this is my second 'I'm-not-gonna-use-it-any-more' pattern. But when I said this last time I still used that pattern so...

I haven't tried it on DD yet. It'd better fit or I swear I'll swear...

And final words: I don't think it's worth it to sew such a time consuming project if I can buy similar things for under $50 (I believe I can find something in Myer now since it's end of financial year). I lost more than half a day of my weekend which is really precious for me and DD. I could have used the time to enjoy playing with her or take her out to see her friends in my friends' place. But instead she had to watch TV for a whole morning while I was hurrying on this project (DH was working on his plumbing fix in the basement). I feel so guilty now...

sewing table sorter

My DH's niece CJ is coming to Sydney to study and she's gonna live with us. So we need to vacate the study/sewing room for her. It took me a couple of days of spare time to move all my sewing stuff out to our bedroom, decide to move my sewing area to downstairs, move all the stuff again to downstairs and sort everything out. I'm very proud of myself for having done such a big project. After all set up, I have 6 50-litre boxes and a few bags (not enough boxes) of fabrics and clothes to recycle, a tallboy containing all the notions, patterns, scraps and other small stuff, plus the snaps machine, iron and ironing board. Of course there's a sewing machine and a small table under it.

I used to have a big study desk beside my small sewing table in the study room. But of course the study desk will be staying for the niece. So I was worried that with such a small sewing table I don't have anywhere to place my scissors and pins.

Then I started to hate my original thread catcher. It's always hard to stay on the sewing table. Then I came up this idea: why don't I make a sewing table sorter with lots of pockets so I can put all my tools in? Of course one of the pockets can be used as a scrap/thread catcher too.

So I made this yesterday:

Basically I cut three pieces of fabrics, one main and two wings. I sewed the wings onto the main and the front of the main folded up to make pockets. Then I put it on the sewing table with the centre of the main on the table, letting the wings and pockets hanging down. There's a bit of fabric hanging down at the back too. So it looks like a table cover, but it'll have more functions than just a table cover because apart from the front pockets, I plan to make a lot more pockets on the wings too so I can put frequently used rulers, notions etc in but I'll leave that small project for future once I get a chance. I'm planning to use scraps to make strange shapes as pockets and maybe applique-stitch them on. That'll be fun.

18 Jun. 2009

extended pants

Too many projects too little time....

17 Jun. 2009

Taggie Blankets

I've finally made it!!!!

It's on my looooong to do list in the last few weeks because I want to make a taggie blanket for my friend's son's first birthday next weekend. And then another one for another friend's daughter's 1st birthday 2 weeks after.

I've felt so pressured coz I can hardly find the time.

But I did it!

15 Jun. 2009

ribbons bought from craft fair

It cost me $20 to buy these ribbons, most at $3/m. I was at this Craft Fair in Darling Habour and found them too cute to pass by. I hated myself for spending so much on just a few metres of ribbons. But I was planning to make a couple of taggie blankets for a couple of 1st birthdays for my friends' babies. So I think I'll put them to very good use.