6 Jun. 2009

How to use KAM snap press to crack macadamia nuts

I know this has nothing to do with sewing but it has something to do with my KAM snap press which is a MUST in my sewing so I believe it's worth a blog entry.

So I got the macadamias from our local fruit shop which was really an excitement. The disappointment is we couldn't crack open them.

This morning I searched a couple of websites and got some inspirations from here. And I decided my KAM machine is worth a try.

Do not use any of the top dies. They're too precious to risk this 'mission impossible' project. But I found without the top dies the machine has the perfect distance between the top and the bottom for cracking a macadamia.

I also grabbed a piece of scrap fabric (which I found out later not a scrap at all - it's my UFO which was supposed to be a rice heat bag in the future!) and put it between the macadamia and the bottom die, for my last protection. The bottom die has the perfect round indent that keeps the macadamia still.

And then I tried my best to press it, and I have cracked 3 out of 4 macadamias! One of them even came out perfectly intact!

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