28 Jun. 2009

New mail sorter!

I gave my original mail sorter to my friend and DH has been asking 'where's our mail sorter?' so I made this one yesterday morning:

The fabric is cut from some scraps from a BIG bag of upholstery fabrics that I freecycled from someone on Thursday:

There're like 15kgs of fabric in this bag. The original owner seemed to have tried to make a bed cover set but she gave up. So $500 worth of fabrics came to me.

I'm planning to use the big piece to make a sofa cover for our old sofa. The big piece is about 220cm x 220cm.

The other side: the pockets are made of the scraps from the same bag and the cream background fabric is from the scraps of the curtain fabric that I used to make this.

Some other photos from the process:

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