21 Jun. 2009

sewing table sorter

My DH's niece CJ is coming to Sydney to study and she's gonna live with us. So we need to vacate the study/sewing room for her. It took me a couple of days of spare time to move all my sewing stuff out to our bedroom, decide to move my sewing area to downstairs, move all the stuff again to downstairs and sort everything out. I'm very proud of myself for having done such a big project. After all set up, I have 6 50-litre boxes and a few bags (not enough boxes) of fabrics and clothes to recycle, a tallboy containing all the notions, patterns, scraps and other small stuff, plus the snaps machine, iron and ironing board. Of course there's a sewing machine and a small table under it.

I used to have a big study desk beside my small sewing table in the study room. But of course the study desk will be staying for the niece. So I was worried that with such a small sewing table I don't have anywhere to place my scissors and pins.

Then I started to hate my original thread catcher. It's always hard to stay on the sewing table. Then I came up this idea: why don't I make a sewing table sorter with lots of pockets so I can put all my tools in? Of course one of the pockets can be used as a scrap/thread catcher too.

So I made this yesterday:

Basically I cut three pieces of fabrics, one main and two wings. I sewed the wings onto the main and the front of the main folded up to make pockets. Then I put it on the sewing table with the centre of the main on the table, letting the wings and pockets hanging down. There's a bit of fabric hanging down at the back too. So it looks like a table cover, but it'll have more functions than just a table cover because apart from the front pockets, I plan to make a lot more pockets on the wings too so I can put frequently used rulers, notions etc in but I'll leave that small project for future once I get a chance. I'm planning to use scraps to make strange shapes as pockets and maybe applique-stitch them on. That'll be fun.

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