29 Jun. 2009

A strange pair of pants

I didn't intend to make it strange but after making it I can't tell whether I like it or not...

Ok the story is: I have this pair of jeans that doesn't fit me so I decided to refashion it into a pair of pants for DD:

And I found this Dudou (a traditional Chinese 'tummy cover') for DD that she never got a chance to wear and it's too nice to chuck out:

And I was inspired by those 'Tshirt quilts' that people use outgrown kids Tshirts to make memorable quilts so I decided to use the Dudou to make embellishments such as on this pants project:

Yeah I know. I should have just cut out a strip but I went 'creative' and created this ugly thing. Never mind. I still have quite a bit leftover from the Dudou so I'll make sure next time I use it I make a better use.

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