29 Jun. 2009

toddler house slippers

It's winter. It's cold winter. We have floorboards in some areas of the house so it's freezing if we don't wear any house slippers. I've bought a lot of them but none for DD's size. So I decided to make some using scraps.

First I drew a pattern using DD's foot:

Cut it out:

Then found I forgot to include seam allowance. So I had to do this:

And cut another pattern. Remember this project? I used the scrap denim to make the bottom of the slippers:

And I used polar fleece scraps to make a sandwich layer and sides of the slippers:

Pinned the sides to the bottom

Sewd them together:

Sewd the polar fleece bottom onto the other piece of denim:

Then sewd them all together right sides together and leaving an opening:

to turn right side out:

I sewed a few stitches to secure the three layers at bottom:

Made a casing on the polar fleece side and threaded in elastic. Viola a baby house slipper!

I'm gonna handsew the other shoe tomorrow on the train.

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