21 Jun. 2009

winter dress top and pants set - for wedding?

I finally made it. I always say this same thing whenever I've finished a project. I think it's really hard to find a balance between time and hobby. There's never enough time to sew. Sigh....

I planned to make it for an upcoming wedding we plan to attend in July. But now I don't think I like it enough....

I used this pattern:

I thought it's perfect for a dress pants set for attending a wedding. But after I finished my project I hesitated....I guess it's not nice enough for wedding. Maybe I'll try to add some embellishments like the pattern cover shows and see how it turns out.

Here's my first layout:

The pink fabric was freecycled from someone long time ago. It's 105cm wide, not wide enough to go with the layout shown on the pattern. So I used up the whole piece of fabric, totally maybe 2 metres long, as you can see from the following two photos:

Yeah the above two photos are different from the first layout, coz I realized that the collar needs two pieces which needs to be cut on fold. If I use the first layout there's no way I can cut the second piece on fold because there won't be any fabric left on fold.

Here's what was left from the cutting. I got just enough fabric to cut! Phew!

Here's the pair of bell pants:

This is the dress top:

It's the first time I sew a zipper, and without a zipper foot:

After sewing a whole morning plus lunch time, I decided this is my second 'I'm-not-gonna-use-it-any-more' pattern. But when I said this last time I still used that pattern so...

I haven't tried it on DD yet. It'd better fit or I swear I'll swear...

And final words: I don't think it's worth it to sew such a time consuming project if I can buy similar things for under $50 (I believe I can find something in Myer now since it's end of financial year). I lost more than half a day of my weekend which is really precious for me and DD. I could have used the time to enjoy playing with her or take her out to see her friends in my friends' place. But instead she had to watch TV for a whole morning while I was hurrying on this project (DH was working on his plumbing fix in the basement). I feel so guilty now...

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