28 Jul. 2009

And another high neck top



It's so easy to make that I can't stop making them!

26 Jul. 2009

door stop weight

When cutting the bibs, I was looking for a weight and I grabbed this:

my door stop, which I found fantastic for being a weight.

dots high neck top

Yeah I got addicted making high neck tops.


The fabric is from another piece that SIL sent me.

I made the neck band (approx 5cm) narrower coz the neck band of the first one I made was too big. But after sewing I realized it might be difficult to sew when the neck band is too small compared to the stretchiness of the fabric. The fabric seemed to puckle on the main body to accommodate the smaller neck band.

7 bibs

After this week DH is gonna become unemployed. His contract is not gonna be extended after end of this month. It doesn't look like he's gonna find a job soon. And he's thinking about starting his own business. I'm prepared for single income for quite some time. I know my income won't be able to pay all the bills. So I'm planning to make some stuff to sell to help with our financial pressure.

The best thing I can make is bibs. I know my bibs are better than any other bibs I've seen on the internet (not to mention in real life) so I'll start making and selling them. I'll mostly handsew them on the train when I commute as I can hardly find time to use my sewing machine. (If I can find any it's normally for some urgent projects.) They're reversible, like all other bibs I've made: 2 outer layers of flannelette for absorbency and eczema friendly and 1 inner layer of polar fleece for water resistence.

But I haven't got much time to find out where to sell them and how much I should charge. Anyway I've almost finished my first batch (my plan is 'a bib a day') of 7 bibs, just pending snaps.

The other sides:

my first homemade toddler high neck top pattern and a successful trial final product

Ok this is my first attempt to make a top pattern. I made several baby/toddler pants patterns before but never a top pattern. I was scared of making top patterns because I don't know how to tackle with the neck, armholes etc. But I have to do this one. DD has only a few high neck tops for the winter and I really wanted to make her some. But I didn't have a pattern. The only top/Tshirt pattern I have is get creative 4004, which is a shoulder snapped low neck pattern that I hate. So I decided to design my own high neck top pattern.

I used the get creative 4004 size 3 and traced the pattern on the paper:

Then I modified the neck area, making the shoulder smaller and neck wider and deeper. I also made the pattern much longer (about 13cm longer I think) because I want the top to cover DD's whole tummy and be tucked under the waist of her pants to keep her warm. The armholes and the width of the pattern remained unchanged.

The sleeve pattern was kept the same too. I didn't bother to make a pattern for the high neck band because it's just a rectangular. I measured an existing high neck top and wrote down the measurement of the rectangular on the sleeve pattern. I know I can just use my quilting ruler and cutting mat to cut the rectangular.

This is the trial top I made. The fabric was sent to me by my SIL whose daughter is staying with us for Uni. I specifically asked for 'children's cotton knit' and I was quite happy about the fabrics she sent me. The fabric is not stretchy enough for the neck band though. So I cut a piece off one of my unwanted tops to make the neck band. It looks a bit big but as a 'trial', I prefer it bigger than smaller. When I put it on DD it was very easy to go down her head which is normally squeezed with other tops. The top suits DD very well. Quite loose but will last her till next year I think so it's great. The neck band looks a bit wide. I should consider changing the measurement of the neck band on the pattern.....

my first almost successful adult garment - pants

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I decided to start sewing adult clothes. I tried this pattern first coz it looks easy.

It took me quite some time to get this attempt finished. Tracing the patterns, cut out the patterns, cut out the fabrics, sewing, fitting... The sewing part was the most difficult part. The fabric is beautiful. It drapes ver well, is very soft and flowy and comfortable, but a pain to sew. I guess I was using the wrong needle or thread or tension. There has to be something wrong coz the thread kept breaking, the fabric kept puckering or feeding into the bottom of the machine etc. I read the manual and figured out maybe I should use a ball point needle. But after changing to a ball point needle things didn't change much. It took me a lot of patience to finish it.

I also cut out a skirt but I don't know when I'm gonna sew it coz there're 6 pieces (I think) to sew.

But I did like the pants on me. It just felt so good. After all the hard work it has to feel good!

The fabric was bought from the remnant warehouse long time ago and I thought I was gonna make a dress out of it. Now I don't have enough left for a dress.

24 Jul. 2009

fancy dress

It's kindy's Fancy Dress Day next Tuesday. I planned to dress up DD's 2-piece set for the wedding. Tonight I decided to use yo-yos. I've made hundreds of yo-yos in my spare time from scraps of fabrics. But I never knew what to do with them. I'm not good at colour or coordination or design so no matter how I put them together they don't work.

Anyway, do you think this is fancy enough?

23 Jul. 2009

Sewing an adult dress - planning and research

So I was asked by Lilly if I could make her a dress, after she seeing DD wearing the two piece outfit I made.

I said I'd never made any clothes for adults. I hid the fact that I did sew a top for myself which was an UP (unsuccessful project).

But I could see the disappointment on her face. So I felt I really want to do it for her. So I took up the challenge and have started doing my research on how to sew adult dresses.

After asking in my favourite yahoo group my questions, I've got a lot of replies with suggestions, advice and ideas. I've been googling and learning and try to have an idea of how to go about it. It seems that a muslin is a must.

Here I'll record all my research and links as I learn so I can refer back to it when I start doing it.


A lady suggested a simple dress with a shawl/stole. I think it's a good idea. A shawl tutorial at sewing.about.com

Easy dress made from 2 rectangles from marthastewart.com

Try 6735 BDE to make a top 4 piece, pants 3 piece, dress 3 piece for myself to get the hang of it.
Try 6483 CD to make sleeveless top from 4 pieces.
Try 1000 3-4 pieces cowl neck top
Try 3422 4 pieces high neck top
Try 6737 pants 2 piece
Try bias dress 5 piece

19 Jul. 2009

Shortening DD's wedding outfit

Remember this outfit I made for DD for the wedding? Last night we went to the wedding and DD wore it! We tried it on the night before and both the top and pants were too long. It was no surprise coz the pattern is a size 3 and DD's only 2.5yo. So I cut 5cm from top and pants:

Then I thought it's quite plain so I used the scrap I cut off to make a bow and handsewed it on to the top:

Wedding outfit in action

Last night:

18 Jul. 2009

fixed house slippers

These are the slippers that were worn out by DH and he asked me to fix and I was very reluctant to fix because the material is too hard to sew. DH still loves them because of the nonslippery material so he insisted I fix it. So after hours of handsewing and injuries from needles going all over my fingers and hands, I finally fixed them.

As you can see, I used the scraps of the upholstery material to cover the top and used bias binding to bind the edges. I hope they'll last for long.

12 Jul. 2009

refashioning DH's house slipper - in process

Remember my homemade house slippers? They came from a pattern I traced from one of these house slippers. I didn't want to fix them but DH still insisted he liked them coz they're more non-slippery compared to other house slippers. So I had to start this yucky and difficult (coz they're too thick to work on compared to the fabric ones) job.

Yeah, one was finished. But my fingers and nails were full of needle marks. And it took me over an hour. I hated this job but I'll have to finish it. My fingers are very painful now after pulling the needle so hard. I have to have some rest before I start doing the other one. I'll keep you posted...

scrap pillow

Ok I know there's nothing to look at but this is a special project.

I never throw out any fabric scraps. So I planned this project since ....ever. I sewed up a pillow case, and started to fill it with small scraps (meaning too small to use in any projects or too many to be left in my recycle pile) whenever I had any. Actually it's been full for a long long time coz I've got another even bigger bag full of small scraps waiting to fill something...Anyway I finally saw this UFO today and decided it's time to put an end. I sealed the opening and put it into my pillow cover and had an afternoon nap on it.

It's quite ok coz I like the 'sturdiness' if scraps over polyester filling. But I had some bad dreams during the nap. I guess I was either too hot or the pillow is too high.. Next time I'll remember not to fill it too full...

DD's new kindy bag

DD's kindy bag is a Snoopy backpack. It's been used for 1.5 years and it really needs a wash now. So I made this drawstring bag as an alternative when it's in the wash...

Zigzag/satin stitched the name on a piece of scrap from old pants (that has been used in various projects recently), hand blankets stitched the scrap onto the bag (coz it's too colourful to stitch a name directly on it - I need something outstanding on it to catch people's eyes coz the kindy specified: 'CLEARLY labeled'). I made a small fabric tulip (of course using scrap) at the end of the draw string. You might need to click to see big photo to tell what it looks like...I (kind of) followed this wonderful tutorial in making the tulip...

8 Jul. 2009

Chair feet cover - new batch plus tutorial

I made 24 I think. So that I can change and wash them...

7 Jul. 2009