26 Jul. 2009

7 bibs

After this week DH is gonna become unemployed. His contract is not gonna be extended after end of this month. It doesn't look like he's gonna find a job soon. And he's thinking about starting his own business. I'm prepared for single income for quite some time. I know my income won't be able to pay all the bills. So I'm planning to make some stuff to sell to help with our financial pressure.

The best thing I can make is bibs. I know my bibs are better than any other bibs I've seen on the internet (not to mention in real life) so I'll start making and selling them. I'll mostly handsew them on the train when I commute as I can hardly find time to use my sewing machine. (If I can find any it's normally for some urgent projects.) They're reversible, like all other bibs I've made: 2 outer layers of flannelette for absorbency and eczema friendly and 1 inner layer of polar fleece for water resistence.

But I haven't got much time to find out where to sell them and how much I should charge. Anyway I've almost finished my first batch (my plan is 'a bib a day') of 7 bibs, just pending snaps.

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