1 Jul. 2009

house slippers -3

I finished one slipper on the train today. And I got addicted to it and decided to make more. So my jumper was cut and I'm gonna get 3 pairs of adult house slippers and 1 pair of toddler house slippers out of it.

More polar fleece scraps used. I'm so happy that I've reduced the amount of scraps I have accumulated.

This is the slipper I finished today on the train.

I'm VERY happy about it. It feels so comfy. And the thought that it's washable makes me feel so safe (don't need to worry about getting slippers dirty and getting them destroyed by the washing machine!).

The bottom is made of 4 layers, polar fleece, two layer of jumper cutouts, and 1 layer of jeans denim fabric.

The top is made of 2 layers of polar fleece, turned and top stitched.

Bias binding for the edges.


Caca said...

I was looking for home slipper making and found your blog. Like the slipper you made.

Rowena said...

Thanks. I've been wearing these house slippers every winter and they keep me warm, light and quiet in the house (as they don't make noises like shop-bought house slippers do that wake up the baby).