26 Jul. 2009

my first almost successful adult garment - pants

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I decided to start sewing adult clothes. I tried this pattern first coz it looks easy.

It took me quite some time to get this attempt finished. Tracing the patterns, cut out the patterns, cut out the fabrics, sewing, fitting... The sewing part was the most difficult part. The fabric is beautiful. It drapes ver well, is very soft and flowy and comfortable, but a pain to sew. I guess I was using the wrong needle or thread or tension. There has to be something wrong coz the thread kept breaking, the fabric kept puckering or feeding into the bottom of the machine etc. I read the manual and figured out maybe I should use a ball point needle. But after changing to a ball point needle things didn't change much. It took me a lot of patience to finish it.

I also cut out a skirt but I don't know when I'm gonna sew it coz there're 6 pieces (I think) to sew.

But I did like the pants on me. It just felt so good. After all the hard work it has to feel good!

The fabric was bought from the remnant warehouse long time ago and I thought I was gonna make a dress out of it. Now I don't have enough left for a dress.


Colorful Life said...

I went through all your posts. It is amazing to see your beauitiful work! I admire you so much.

Rowena said...

Wow there're a lot of posts to go through. Thank you~~and welcome to my sewing world. :)