26 Jul. 2009

my first homemade toddler high neck top pattern and a successful trial final product

Ok this is my first attempt to make a top pattern. I made several baby/toddler pants patterns before but never a top pattern. I was scared of making top patterns because I don't know how to tackle with the neck, armholes etc. But I have to do this one. DD has only a few high neck tops for the winter and I really wanted to make her some. But I didn't have a pattern. The only top/Tshirt pattern I have is get creative 4004, which is a shoulder snapped low neck pattern that I hate. So I decided to design my own high neck top pattern.

I used the get creative 4004 size 3 and traced the pattern on the paper:

Then I modified the neck area, making the shoulder smaller and neck wider and deeper. I also made the pattern much longer (about 13cm longer I think) because I want the top to cover DD's whole tummy and be tucked under the waist of her pants to keep her warm. The armholes and the width of the pattern remained unchanged.

The sleeve pattern was kept the same too. I didn't bother to make a pattern for the high neck band because it's just a rectangular. I measured an existing high neck top and wrote down the measurement of the rectangular on the sleeve pattern. I know I can just use my quilting ruler and cutting mat to cut the rectangular.

This is the trial top I made. The fabric was sent to me by my SIL whose daughter is staying with us for Uni. I specifically asked for 'children's cotton knit' and I was quite happy about the fabrics she sent me. The fabric is not stretchy enough for the neck band though. So I cut a piece off one of my unwanted tops to make the neck band. It looks a bit big but as a 'trial', I prefer it bigger than smaller. When I put it on DD it was very easy to go down her head which is normally squeezed with other tops. The top suits DD very well. Quite loose but will last her till next year I think so it's great. The neck band looks a bit wide. I should consider changing the measurement of the neck band on the pattern.....

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