5 Jul. 2009

pin cushions

This is a quickie project. I've been using my quickie stuffed scraps pincushion since I started sewing and I'm just fed up with it. As it's filled with scraps it's hard to push pins into it. And as I cut and pin fabrics on a separate table, I always have to get up and go to that table to get the pincushion when I'm sewing. So I decided I needed two pincushions.

I asked in a sewing group about sewing pincushions and got quite a few good (or even strange) ideas. I heard that you can stuff weird stuff like rolled oats or sawing dust in a pincushion to help keep pins sharp. So I got this out of my cupboard:

And stuffed some of it and some toy stuffing I freecycled into my new pincushions:

As you can see I just sewed pieces of scraps together to make the pincushions. I didn't even bother about the shape.

They worked quite well last night when I was sewing. No getting up to get the pincushion any more.

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