12 Jul. 2009

scrap pillow

Ok I know there's nothing to look at but this is a special project.

I never throw out any fabric scraps. So I planned this project since ....ever. I sewed up a pillow case, and started to fill it with small scraps (meaning too small to use in any projects or too many to be left in my recycle pile) whenever I had any. Actually it's been full for a long long time coz I've got another even bigger bag full of small scraps waiting to fill something...Anyway I finally saw this UFO today and decided it's time to put an end. I sealed the opening and put it into my pillow cover and had an afternoon nap on it.

It's quite ok coz I like the 'sturdiness' if scraps over polyester filling. But I had some bad dreams during the nap. I guess I was either too hot or the pillow is too high.. Next time I'll remember not to fill it too full...

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