23 Jul. 2009

Sewing an adult dress - planning and research

So I was asked by Lilly if I could make her a dress, after she seeing DD wearing the two piece outfit I made.

I said I'd never made any clothes for adults. I hid the fact that I did sew a top for myself which was an UP (unsuccessful project).

But I could see the disappointment on her face. So I felt I really want to do it for her. So I took up the challenge and have started doing my research on how to sew adult dresses.

After asking in my favourite yahoo group my questions, I've got a lot of replies with suggestions, advice and ideas. I've been googling and learning and try to have an idea of how to go about it. It seems that a muslin is a must.

Here I'll record all my research and links as I learn so I can refer back to it when I start doing it.


A lady suggested a simple dress with a shawl/stole. I think it's a good idea. A shawl tutorial at sewing.about.com

Easy dress made from 2 rectangles from marthastewart.com

Try 6735 BDE to make a top 4 piece, pants 3 piece, dress 3 piece for myself to get the hang of it.
Try 6483 CD to make sleeveless top from 4 pieces.
Try 1000 3-4 pieces cowl neck top
Try 3422 4 pieces high neck top
Try 6737 pants 2 piece
Try bias dress 5 piece

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