31 Aug. 2009

my first homemade dress

I made my first dress on Sunday. I used this pattern. I used the top pattern and extended the length to make it a dress. It fits me perfectly. I was very happy.

Update 090914: I wore this dress on Saturday at a family event and got compliments from some relos. They 'WOW'ed when I said I made it. I'm so proud. :)

a kimono made for friend's newborn baby girl

I made this kimono wrap for my friend's newborn baby on Saturday. I followed this tutorial but made the body and sleeves longer.

27 Aug. 2009

my first skirt

I made my first skirt on the train to the Stitches and Crafts Show last

It was cut out together with my first pair of pants long time ago and after
having a hard time sewing the pants on the sewing machine (because the
fabric is so hard to sew) I didn't want to start this skirt. So I left it
there waiting for a 'handsewing' time to come. The Stitches and Craft Show
was 'THE' time. I knew it would take me about 1.5 hours to get there so I
took this project with me.

There were 6 pieces to sew. I hand sewed them altogether and hemmed the
bottom and sewed the casing for elastic. It took me 1.5 hours to get to the
show and 1.5 hours to get back and after that I sat on the bench at the
station to finish the last few stitches.

The skirt was perfect. I loved it. It's just not warm enough to wear it yet.
I'm so excited and can't wait to sew more skirts. Now I love my fingers more
than my sewing machine.....

21 Aug. 2009

A happy day

I got a pile of Handmade magazines from a freecycler the other day and I carry one or two everyday to read on the train (to give my fingers a break from sewing bibs).

This morning I finished one and was pulling out another one when a girl sitting close to me broke the silence: excuse me, can you tell me where you got these magazines? I said I got them from someone else. She looked confused. But she told me she's very interested in sewing and she has a sewing machine at home and she always wants to read magazines like this. I gave her the magazine and said 'it's yours now'. She was very excited (as I would have been if I was given a Handmade magazine on the train!) and said she could pay me money. I said no I got it for free so you can have it for free too.

I had to get off the train so I didn't have much more chat with her but I believe this little Handmade magazine will leave our days bright and happy. :)

19 Aug. 2009

Stencil - some tips

I was searching freezer paper coz I heard it's good to be used in appliques so I was curious.

Then I came across stencilling using freezer paper and got fascinated. Here's what I've learned so far:

1. Jacquard fabric paint / Acrylic paint + textile medium / gocco ink / maybe glitter fabric paint?
2. X-acto (exacto) knife / manicure scissors
3. images/shapes can come from cartoon books
4. freezer paper on back of fabric to keep fabric stable
5. can use spray adhesive + paper + fabric + printer

I'll try this when I have all things needed. It sounds very exciting!

Here's a flickr pool that I'm drooling over: http://www.flickr.com/groups/fpstencils/pool/

Here's a great tutorial: http://angrychicken.typepad.com/angry_chicken/2006/03/little_elf_shir.html

16 Aug. 2009

More refurbishment for the freecycled stroller

There were some stains on the sun cover of the stroller. So I decided to take the risk and refurbish more.

This is the seat pad and seat belt covers I made last night:

See, I still got the window!

I was trying to cut a pair of pants (which is not cotton) to make this part but the fabric was not big enough. So I decided to use this cotton fabric again, although I know it won't work well in rainy weather and it'll fade in colour. Lucky we've mostly got sunshine here in Sydney so the risk of getting wet is very small.

I used the sewing machine to sew the window using short zigzag stitches. All the rest of the work was hand sewing, which left my fingers quite hurt afterwards...

My wardroberefashion post.

New seat pad and seat belt cover for freecycled stroller

I got this from another freecycle member this morning:

It was working perfectly. But it was dirty and had stains and molds everywhere. So I carefully cleaned it and washed the seat pad and the seat belt covers. But I could tell that I can't get rid of the mold stains on the fabrics. So I made this seat pad and matching seat belt covers at night:

It's the first time I tried to 'quilt' something and I have to say I was so bad at it. Lucky I chose a very 'colourful' fabric so it's not easy to tell how bad a 'quilter' I am. But I learned something and I think I'll improve next time, if there's ever a 'next time'.

I used short zigzag (satin stitch) instead of button hole stitches to make the wholes for the seat belts to come out, because I was too lazy to try to figure out how to do button holes. It was at least 11pm at night and I should have been in bed sound asleep normally!

11 Aug. 2009

two shopping totes

This is my first attempt of making shopping totes because I just don't seem to have enough in the house. I used my least favourite fabric. It's not as quick a project as I expected due to the size of it I guess.

Updated 090814: I've been using one of them, the bigger one I think. It's REALLY good. Very strong and very spacy. I thrifty'ed three winter coats on Wednesday and I could put all of them in this bag.