21 Aug. 2009

A happy day

I got a pile of Handmade magazines from a freecycler the other day and I carry one or two everyday to read on the train (to give my fingers a break from sewing bibs).

This morning I finished one and was pulling out another one when a girl sitting close to me broke the silence: excuse me, can you tell me where you got these magazines? I said I got them from someone else. She looked confused. But she told me she's very interested in sewing and she has a sewing machine at home and she always wants to read magazines like this. I gave her the magazine and said 'it's yours now'. She was very excited (as I would have been if I was given a Handmade magazine on the train!) and said she could pay me money. I said no I got it for free so you can have it for free too.

I had to get off the train so I didn't have much more chat with her but I believe this little Handmade magazine will leave our days bright and happy. :)

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