16 Aug. 2009

More refurbishment for the freecycled stroller

There were some stains on the sun cover of the stroller. So I decided to take the risk and refurbish more.

This is the seat pad and seat belt covers I made last night:

See, I still got the window!

I was trying to cut a pair of pants (which is not cotton) to make this part but the fabric was not big enough. So I decided to use this cotton fabric again, although I know it won't work well in rainy weather and it'll fade in colour. Lucky we've mostly got sunshine here in Sydney so the risk of getting wet is very small.

I used the sewing machine to sew the window using short zigzag stitches. All the rest of the work was hand sewing, which left my fingers quite hurt afterwards...

My wardroberefashion post.

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