16 Aug. 2009

New seat pad and seat belt cover for freecycled stroller

I got this from another freecycle member this morning:

It was working perfectly. But it was dirty and had stains and molds everywhere. So I carefully cleaned it and washed the seat pad and the seat belt covers. But I could tell that I can't get rid of the mold stains on the fabrics. So I made this seat pad and matching seat belt covers at night:

It's the first time I tried to 'quilt' something and I have to say I was so bad at it. Lucky I chose a very 'colourful' fabric so it's not easy to tell how bad a 'quilter' I am. But I learned something and I think I'll improve next time, if there's ever a 'next time'.

I used short zigzag (satin stitch) instead of button hole stitches to make the wholes for the seat belts to come out, because I was too lazy to try to figure out how to do button holes. It was at least 11pm at night and I should have been in bed sound asleep normally!

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