29 Sep. 2009

Almost finished second project - jumper/dress

I overestimated my handsewing speed. I couldn't finish the first project on the train yesterday. And I couldn't finish the second project today either. Obviously making clothes takes more time than making bibs I'll have to say. And my eyes (not just my fingers) are so sore during and after handsewing that I decided to give up and finish the unfinished project on my sewing machine.

This is related to No. 4 in this post . It was very difficult for me to work out how to sew it on the train. And finally I made the mistake by sewing the wrong way and when I turned out the right side it couldn't make right. So I had to rip the last seam. I finished it off on the sewing machine after folding and ironing. Now it's ready for snaps before it can be worn.

It's reversible, which I haven't done for a long time.

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