26 Sep. 2009

cutting my top

I ran out of fabrics to make myself clothes so I bought 9.5 metres of dressing fabrics and 4 pieces of scraps from the remanent shop at Sydenham for $23 in total. The scraps were about 1 metre each so I reckon I could make some garments out of them.

This is the black scrap. I knew it would be nice for some tops. I guess I could make one top out of it but I decided to try to make two, by combining it with other dressing fabrics. So I folded the pattern to waistline and cut out the top part of the top, and cut out some rectangles from the scrap of this dress to complete the bottom part of the top.

It's in my sewing queue (I guess I've cut out at least 8 garments so far to sew on the train) and hopefully I can post a photo of the finished project soon. I think it'll be very exciting.

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