11 Sep. 2009

Experiments on homemaking freezer paper

I read about how to stencil using freezer paper and have been hoping that I can try it too. But we don't have freezer paper here. I tried Woolies, BigW, 2 dollar shops etc. No we don't have it here. I don't want to buy it online to pay ridiculous postage so I've been looking into alternatives.

So I've found this tutorial, which is in Chinese. Basically it's paper+cling wrap.

Then I saw this one in English which is pretty different from the above one. I decided to try the first one because I have what's needed at home. Paper+cling wrap, who doesn't have them?

Well, not really....I searched the whole house and couldn't find a single piece of plain white paper so I tore a page off my (sewing) notebook which happened to have some drawings. Never mind it's only an experiment. Who cares.

Here we go:

My first 'sandwich'- fabric+cling wrap+baking paper, from bottom to top. I ironed the sandwich and here's the result:

Yeah the baking paper was off and the cling wrap was left on the fabric. This is good. So the cling wrap doesn't like baking paper. But this method can help to 'stiff' the fabric which can be useful in some projects. The cling wrap can be easily peeled off.

My second 'sandwich': baking paper+cling wrap+paper. I made sure the cling wrap was bigger than the paper so in photos it'll show but when I ironed I (of course!) accidentally ironed over it so....anyway

ironed sandwich:

baking paper off, yay~~~I've got freezer paper! (Now you see the drawings....)

So I got excited and couldn't wait to try. I cut a little figure out of the homemade freezer paper. I don't have the 'exacto knife' (which I would have to buy, most likely from internet and pay hefty postage, NO!) so I just folded the paper and cut on fold and viola a little man....or something.

Then I ironed it onto the fabric. It stayed there! Yay~~~

I don't have paints either so I used my sharpie ultra fine to draw along the edges:

Not bad huh?

I never had any freezer paper so can't compare. But I have to say my homemade freezer paper can go off fabric easily. It seems that once it cools down it's easy to go off. So if I want to try a 'serious' project I might need to be 'quick'. (Some afterthoughts: or maybe I just didn't iron for long enough? I should try longer next time and see how I go...)

I became playful and ironed the little figures I cut out from my homemade freezer paper onto the fabric too. I didn't know why I did that. It was all about experiments wasn't it? You do things as you like and you see the results (and hopefully get surprised).

Then I thought for a while about what to do next and decided to cut the fabric out along the edges of one of the freezer paper little figures.

Then I thought for another little while and decided to make my third sandwich: fabric+cling wrap+fabric little figure:

No I can't iron this. So I put baking paper back on top and ironed and took off the baking paper:

No this doesn't look right. Back on and turn:

So now the bottom fabric was on top and I ironed again. Turning fabric up, and trying to hold the (disfigured) cling wrap together with the fabric:

Yay~~~THIS is business! I stared at it for a while and decided to make it permanent:

Unwanted (disfigured) cling wrap off:

Doesn't look bad huh? I just realized that I did an applique.

Now this piece is cut off and lying in front of me waiting for a photo frame. I remember I have a spare one but can't remember where to find it.


Kelly Jackson said...

I'm inpressed with your determination....you did not give up and you got the benefits of the results!!! Wonderful.


Rowena said...

Yay~~I could have been more 'determined' and gone further but ... too little time...

Ruth said...

You can get Freezer paper in Australia from Spotlight apparently. I bought a roll from a Quilting Fabric store in Melbourne. It is used for fabric piecing and such. The freezer paper is not cheap but it works really really well and is so easy to use. It stays stuck on too.
I would try Spotlight before buying a roll...I think you can get it by the metre from there. Hope that might help.

Rowena said...

Thanks for your advice Ruth. I haven't visited Spotty for a long time coz I've been trying to reduce what I've already got. But it's good to know freezer paper is available near me. I'll go and check THE REAL THING out. :)

Anonymous said...

This tutorial is amazing thankyou, I havent been able to find freezer paper anywhere :)
Just thought I would mention, I brought an exacto knife from Kmart for $3 :)