29 Sep. 2009

Fourth project - refashioned dress

This is the No. 3 in this post so you can see how it all started. It was a very plain top of my mom's and she left it here and I sometimes wore it. But I didn't really like it coz it's too plain. But the fabric is very nice so I left it in my 'refashion' bin. Now it's given a new life and I guess DD can wear it for a couple of years since it's quite a lot bigger than the one that I made the pattern from. This is my favourite project of the day. :)

My post on wardroberefashion.


Trudy Callan said...

It turned out really cute.

shanghaicowgirl said...

This is great - I think it looks better than the original!

Su said...

You did a really great job!
Loved how it turned out