26 Sep. 2009

Lots of work today

I spent a lot of time today in the sewing room. Here's only a small part of what I've done:

1. I wanted to sew a new sleep bag for DD so I took out this big Tshirt that no one in the house wants to wear:

Laid the current sleep bag on it:

Cut out the shape. And because it's not long enough I took out a part of the remaining of the big white bed spread and cut out the bottom part:

I'll use polar fleece as the outer layer for warmth:

2. I couldn't part with the scraps after I made DD the peasant blouse so I cut them into strips and hoping to make some ruffles for future use. I reckon it's a great idea to use scraps:

3. This dress was one of DD's favourites last summer. I guess this summer it's gonna be too small. So I want to try to make a bigger one for her using one of my Tshirts:

I'm gonna be very mean and try to use every little bit from the tshirt:

4. I made a dress/jumper pattern out of another favourite dress of DD's:

And cut out a few dresses to sew on the train:

I think DD will have some very colourful dresses this coming summer!


star.originals.stuff said...

very cute idea... did you post a pic of the finished sleep bag? i would love to see how that turned out...
i found your blog from "wardrobe refashion"

Rowena said...

Sorry I just finished the sleep bag. I went overseas for holiday and then totally forgot about this project. Then I postponed it since it's still summer here. But I just finished it last weekend. Here's a link to a photo: http://sewlovesew.blogspot.com/2010/03/sleep-bag-made.html