26 Sep. 2009

peasant blouse

I came across this tutorial and gave it a go and I was very happy with the result. Following the tutorial I made up my own pattern:

This is how it turned out:

In action:

Even DH said it looks very nice.


hazel said...

i'm a sewer but tried the same tutorial and can't figure out how to work the neck line? when you sew the sleeves to the bodice, it's not straight across the top, it's more wavy. how did you fold down for the casing for the neckline?
thanks for your help!!

Rowena said...

Hi Hazel,

I know exactly what you mean. It was quite awkward for me too. I had to fold down more fabric when it came to the seams of the neckline.

What I found out (in later similar projects) working was, I modified the pattern to make sure every corner of the pieces at the neckline has a 90 degree angle. So when you sew the seams together, they connect to a perfect straight line to fold down for casing. I hope it makes sense. If not just post another comment and I'll try to make some photos/illustrations.

Hope that helps!