12 Sep. 2009

refashion - from my jeans to DD's pants

I had these two pairs of jeans, the left pair too big and the right pair too skinny. I kept them in my wardrobe for years and don't want to wear them. I finally gave up and decided to refashion them into DD's pants.


Scrap fabrics that I selected for embelishments:

The white embroidered fabric was cut from one of my DD's dresses during another refashion. I loved the little embroidery work and kept it hoping one day it can show up somewhere else.

I sewed it onto the back side of one of the new pair of pants:

Done. Isn't it pretty...


I like freedom so I didn't deliberately keep it straight. It wiggles like a little snake.

Skinny jeans into DD's pants:


The other pair with more wiggly ruffles:

Two together.

I used different patterns to make them (I don't know why!). The more wiggly pair is this pattern (I think! I'm quite confused now...) and the other pair is this pattern. I know this pattern is for knits but it works well on woven fabrics too. (I only found out because I didn't know I was suppose to use knits in the first place. )

My wardroberefashion post.


Nikki Cardigan said...

The new pants look great. Very cool to use your old jeans.

Mary Emma Allen said...

Sew creative! I loved what you did with the jeans. I used old clothing as fabric when my daughter was young, too. But I didn't use jeans. My daughter, now an adult, has made rag quilts from jeans.
Also, thanks for leaving a comment about your sewing space on my Blisstree blog post.

Rowena said...

Thanks for your comments Nikki and Mary. I always feel good when I can turn something useless into useful and hopefully pretty. :)

Anonymous said...