13 Sep. 2009

Shorts for DD

I did quite some sewing today, which made me feel so good. :)

In the morning I made a pair of shorts for DD. It's been 30 degrees this weekend and we're updating her wardrobe. I notice that she needs some more short pants. I used this pattern (I think!) to make this pair.

I made two pairs of pants for DD long time ago, and she never really wore them because they were my 'trial' versions and they didn't work well. But they were very wide which made them easily 'refashionable'. See I cut them and added some embelishments from my scraps and made them into shorts:

They look much better on DD than on the carpet. But DD wouldn't stay still so there's no way I can get a photo of her trying them on. Maybe I'll try again later.

The following shorts were made in a similar way. The original pants were too short and I love the fabric and the embelishments I already made so I made them into shorts as well:

Going back to find the post about the original pants reminded me there're FIVE other similar pairs of pants that I can refashion into shorts. It's exciting!

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Trudy Callan said...

Very nice refashioning.