15 Sep. 2009


My first stencil trial. I'm so excited. I've been researching on stenciling for a few weeks and finally bought a scarlet acrylic paint, knives and some brushes today from the discount shop close to work. I chose red coz I know it'll be bright and will suit my little girl.

So I cut a piece of the homemade freezer paper I made the other day and cut out a 'butterfly'. Then I ironed the piece onto DD's white skirt and painted over it.

Then I thought the colour was too rich so I added a few drops of water into the paint and mixed it and did another few butterflies.

Then I (couldn't wait till they were dry before I) heat set the butterflies with a scrap fabric between the skirt and the iron.

Here you can see the one I did without water doesn't show up on the wrong side of the fabric, but the ones with water soaked into the fabric and show up on the wrong side of the fabric. I guess next time I won't mix in any water.

It's not to bad for me for the first try. Very encouraging. I'll definitely try again when I have time. DD will have red butterflies everywhere on her clothes soon.

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