1 Oct. 2009

life's a beach

I made this wall hanging/fabric art/whatever piece for my manager who's retiring next week. I hope my manager, who lives close to beach and loves art, enjoys her life after she retires.

It took me a while to come up with this idea. Of course I got inspirations from the internet. I printed out a few images off google images and cut them out to make templates.

I used a canvas with frame that I bought from discount shop as a base.

The shell and seastar were stenciled. I only have red acrylic paint so they're both red. Then I decided to embroider a little bit. I added a few stitches on the shell to make it more like a shell. And I added quite a few french knots on the seastar to make it more vivid.

I blanket stitched the flip-flop and the surfboard which were cut off my scrap fabrics.

The words were stitched using back stitches.

And I made sure I signed and dated. I've started doing this, which I think is a right thing to do for every gift I'm gonna give out.

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