18 Oct. 2009

Peasant blouse decorated with Dino Ville

So my DH didn't like this green dots peasant blouse, because it's not good looking enough. I feared that he would chuck it away and never put it on DD (as he's normally the one who dresses DD). It's such nice fabric and I won't let this happen. So I decided to do something to make it 'pretty' or 'cheerful'. So I grabbed these very colourful scraps:

Cut some interesting figures out:

Laid a few out on the peasant blouse:

And decided which one to use and used my heat-n-seal and ironed them on:

I was planning to blanket stitch them on the train but decided to go the lazy way: zigzaged them using my sewing machine:

DH is quite happy now. I have to say I'd rather blanket stitch than machine zigzag...

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