26 Oct. 2009

A pillow made for Irene

I've been visiting Irene as a volunteer community visitor. She's 97 year old next week. She knits a lot. Every time I go there she was either reading the newspaper or knitting. She's knitted lots of scarves. Last time I saw her, she was knitting a pink scarf for her daughter who's now 71 years old. She showed me a few scarves she finished and asked me if I liked any. I picked one and she said she gave it to me as Christmas gift. I happily accepted.

Then I thought I needed to give her something in return. So I made this pillow for her as her birthday gift. I'm gonna give it to her this weekend which will be my last visit before I fly to China on Sunday.

I got this idea from internet. I remember seeing someone selling pillows like this with children's names on them. I loved the idea but never really tried it. Now it's a perfect opportunity for me to try it out.

I printed Irene's name on plain A4 paper and traced the outline of the letters so later on it's easy to see the outline from the wrong side of the paper.

I then glued the right side onto the heat-n-seal (I think it's kind of fusible web)'s paper side. Then I put the other side of the heat-n-seal onto a piece of scrap polar fleece and ironed it on.

Then I cut out the letters (yeah three layers altogether) and took all the paper off.

Then I ironed the polar fleece letters onto the base fabric and hand stitched the letters using blanket stitches. I then sewed the pillow up leaving an opening, stuffed it and handsewed the opening close using ladder stitches.

Some stitches are not perfect on the letters. I've thought of how to improve it next time. It's also the first time I stuff a pillow so it's kind of lumpy which I don't know how to improve.

I'm sure Irene will be happy to have it.

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