5 Oct. 2009

Qipao and jumper/dress finished

I think I'm very brave to give Qipao a go. I never thought I would be able to sew a Qipao. It's the kind of tranditional Chinese garment that's still being worn in China. If you google it you'll know how beautiful it is and how much more beautiful it can be modified into. I know it has its English names but Qipao is the authentic Chinese name of it.

DD had this gorgeous Qipao that I bought from Chinatown in January for her to wear at her kindy's Chinese New Year's celebration. And because of it's tightfitting, it was torn after a whole day's jumping, running and who knows whatever in kindy. So it's been sitting in my refashion stash waiting for some other projects.

The other day I decided to take it out and try to make a pattern out of it and see if I can figure out how to make one. So below is what I came up with last night:

It was a difficult project I have to say. I knew it would be difficult that's why I so hesitated to try. After cutting out the fabrics I thought maybe it wouldn't be so difficult. And while I was doing it I realized how many things I needed to plan ahead instead of just go and do it. I'll need to write a very detailed step by step instruction before my next attempt.

I was too lazy to make the fabric buttons so I just used snaps for the closures. I have the vague memory of my grandma teaching me how to make the fabric buttons before my school age. I've also done some research on how to make them but I haven't really started doing it. I'll do it soon I know.

This is also the first time I've made a collar.

Below is the reversible jumper/dress I made DD a few days ago and I just added the snaps on the shoulder last night to finish it.

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