21 Dec. 2009

Bed head remote control organizer

I was on holiday for the whole November. Then when I came back I've been busy getting back to my normal life and preparing for Christmas. We don't really celebrate Christmas but there're still a lot of things to do such as buying gifts for our relatives in Sydney and organizing a party for our friends. I suggested to DH about making handmade Christmas gifts but the plan was rejected. It's hard to give out handmade gifts in this very material world.

Anyway what I've made has nothing to do with Christmas. One of my friends is off overseas and doesn't plan to come back in the near future. She rented out her unit and had to put some of her stuff in our house, which includes a 40 inch LCD TV. She asked us to use it as she heard it can live longer if we use it than not. So we put the TV in our bedroom. It's nice to have a TV in the bedroom. But there's no TV cable in the room. I happen to have bought a lot of DVDs from our overseas holiday and we happen to have a spare DVD player. So we put everything into good use now. Then we need to find a place for the two remote controls. I don't want to search everywhere for remote controls whenever we need to watch a movie, so I made this organizer which snaps on our bed head which happens to have holes.

It's just perfect. I used the fabric that I freecycled from someone who gave up her upholstery experiment. There's still tons of it left after I made this mail sorter, this bedside table cover and this remote control organizer.

I made two more pockets (because I wanted to maximize the use of the fabric) which fits in my portable video player and a few DVD discs perfectly.

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